Biomechanigg strives to train students and post-doctoral fellows at the highest level in all aspects of research, including logistical and organizational tasks, data collection and analysis, and communicating the findings effectively to different populations (academics, industry partners, patients, doctors). The goal of this strategy is to best equip our team members with the skills they will need to succeed in their desired career path. Below are a few testimonials from former members of Biomechanigg.

Academia Testimonials

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Peter Federolf – former post-doctoral research fellow (1 year) and Adjunct Assistant Professor (4 years), current full Professor and Deputy Head of Department at the Department of Sport Science, University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria, Europe.

“Benno Nigg built a research group that is and has for many years been at the forefront of developments in the biomechanical and sports science research fields. I had the pleasure of being a member of this group for more than five years. During this time I grew tremendously as a researcher and learned many skills that substantially influence my work and my research interests today.”



Bjorn Eskofier – former PhD student, current full professor and head of the Machine Learning and Data Analytics lab at FAU Erlangen-Nuernberg.

“I loved the atmosphere in the lab, the open exchange of ideas, and the challenges that came with working on hard scientific problems.”


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John Whittingformer post-doctoral research fellow (2 years), current Lecturer at Southern Cross University, Australia.

“Being a post-doctoral research fellow with the Biomechanigg team was an incredible experience. The environment provided by the Human Performance Lab was inspiring, with world leaders producing cutting edge research across a range of disciplines. This broadened my perspective on what’s possible in the world of biomechanics. In the BSHR team, we were constantly pushing the boundaries with new techniques in applied research, while producing high quality outcomes for clients and stakeholders. The work I did with in Calgary sharpened a number of skills needed for my career, and was a clear springboard into my current position as a teaching and research academic. I will never forget my time in Calgary and am forever grateful for the opportunity I was given there.”



Aimee Mears – former post-doctoral research fellow (1 year), current Lecturer at the Sports Technology Institute, Loughborough University, UK.

“During my time in Calgary, the BSHR group provided me with invaluable insight and guidance into how biomechanics research could be used by industry to make informed decisions about their products. This guidance helped me to hone my skills in interpreting and presenting biomechanics research to industry partners. Group research meetings ensured that projects were considered from multiple perspectives, and helped to address any research challenges that arose. My experience in Calgary certainly strengthened my lectureship application, and I will always be grateful for the opportunity to work as part of the research group.”      



Benjamin Dourthe – former post-doctoral research fellow (1 year), current post-doctoral research fellow at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto.

“During my time at BSHR, I was able to collaborate with and learn from world-known experts in the fields of biomechanics, motor control and signal processing, which significantly enhanced my knowledge and skillset. Thanks to BSHR’s extensive connections, I was also able to work on a variety of projects with different industry partners, and learn how to adapt to clients’ requirements, which I believe really helped me prepare for a potential corporate career. This experience at BSHR also allowed me to meet people with amazing personalities and knowledge (students, staff members, managers, professors), who significantly contributed to building an enjoyable and supportive working environment. In summary, my experience at BSHR was very positive and constructive, and I sincerely believe it moved my career forward.”



Maurice Mohr – former PhD student, current post-doctoral research fellow with Dr. Peter Federolf at the University of Innsbruck, Department for Sport Sciences, Institute for Neurophysiology in Austria.

“My involvement with BSHR started with a six month internship in 2013, followed by a full PhD with Dr. Nigg. During my PhD, I was involved in several industry projects between BSHR and various industry partners. These projects have added great value to my academic training in that they have helped to network with potential future employers, build professional skills in project management, planning, and communication, and widen the scientific focus beyond the scope of my doctoral studies. These skills have been and will be vital in the future, independent of a career in industry or academia. The best part about working for the BSHR team is that a good work-life balance is encouraged. On one hand, dedicated work and professionalism are expected but on the other hand, social and fun group activities are encouraged and supported. Therefore, for anyone who is interested in biomechanics research and human movement analysis and the application to health and sports-related products, I would recommend BSHR and the Human Performance Laboratory in Calgary as a great work place.”



Fiona Clarke – former Research Technician (2 years), current Family Medicine Resident with McMaster University.

“While working at BSHR, my main project was a large study looking at the biomechanical, psychological, and physiological effects of MBT shoes. I had the opportunity to follow a cohort of 100 older adults over the course of the year, assessing their exercise level, physical health and mental well being on a monthly basis. The most enjoyable part about this project was my interaction with subjects and being able to play a small role in motivating some of them to exercise more. This served as a great springboard for my career as a family doctor where I can focus on improving and maintaining people's health.”



Kevin Thomas – former visiting Fulbright Scholar during Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University (1 year), current MD/PhD student at Stanford University. 

“My time in Calgary was an incredible experience. I was interested in using machine learning for sports biomechanics research, and BSHR identified a project for me that was perfect for developing these skills. Over the course of my research, I learned to use wearable sensor technology and advanced data analysis techniques, and had the opportunity to recruit collegiate basketball players and elite sprinters to serve as my subjects. I also gained unparalleled insight into sports industry R&D by interacting with clients and colleagues who are leaders in the field.” 



Karin Lienhard – former visiting PhD student from the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis in Nice, France (8 months), current Research Associate at the Ward of the 21stCentury, University of Calgary.

“During my time in the Human Performance Lab, I worked on an industry project relating to whole body vibration platforms. I very much appreciated the opportunity to collaborate with an industry partner, and to be involved with other research projects that were conducted in the group at the time. My internship with BSHR allowed me to excel in multiple areas, including signal processing and my presentation skills.” 



Christian Meyer – former research intern (4 months), current PhD student at the University Hospital Balgrist in Zurich, Switzerland. 

“During my internship in Calgary, I had the opportunity to acquire valuable insights into different aspects of a research project, including biomechanical data collection, analysis and data reporting. I can still apply many of the acquired skills to my current research projects in my PhD. Of course, there was also some spare time to explore parts of the beautiful country of Canada during my stay.”



Bernd Stetter – former visiting Master’s student from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (6 months), current research assistant and PhD student at the Institute of Sports and Sports Science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

“Without a doubt, BSHR and the Human Performance Laboratory are a great place to gain excellent experience in the fascinating field of biomechanical research related to sport, health and technology. While I was working on my project, I constantly received support from all group members. In addition, I got interesting insights into several other applied research projects as a result of the collaborations BSHR has with industry leading companies. Alongside the professional development, the interaction with other students and researchers in the Human Performance Laboratory has allowed me to develop personally. Overall, the possibility of doing an internship at one of the world’s leading institutions in biomechanics was a good start for my academic career. I greatly benefitted from the high-level research and scientific writing skills that I had learned while I was at Biomechanigg.”



Martin Ullrich – former visiting Master’s student in Medical Engineering at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) in Germany (6 months), current PhD student at FAU’s Machine Learning and Data Analytics Lab. 

“During my stay in Calgary, and specifically in my work with Dr. Benno Nigg and Dr. Vinzenz von Tscharner, I learned significant skills in scientific working, especially regarding theoretical and applied signal processing. Also, the excellent education in the field of scientific presentations will help me throughout my future career.” 



Catherine Rawlek – former summer student from the University of Calgary (8 months), current Architecture Technologies student at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

“I first became involved with BSHR in the last year of my combined degree in Mechanical Engineering (with a Biomedical Specialization) and English. I was required to do a thesis project that related engineering to the human body. From my involvement in the Human Performance Lab, I learned a lot about how to act as a professional individual in a variety of work spaces. I feel that my time there improved not only the quality of work I am able to produce, but also changed the standards that I hold myself to.” 


Industry Testimonials

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Christian Maurer – former post-doctoral research fellow (2.5 years), current Biomechanist with Red Bull.

“Working at Biomechanigg provided me with the ideal opportunity to transfer my skills in measurement techniques to the requirements of a human motion laboratory. Within BSHR I could apply my deep understanding of data analysis and my knowledge in data mining to answer complex biomechanical research questions. Biomechanigg attracts many interns and students, which results in an optimized workflow, allowing for faster completion of projects. The gained time allowed me to finish 13 peer-reviewed articles within my time in Calgary.”


Testimonials_0016_Layer 1.jpg

Erica Buckeridge – former post-doctoral research fellow (2 years), current Head Biomechanics Research Scientist with the Whitespace team at lululemon.

“Following my PhD, I made the move from the UK to Calgary to gain industry experience as a post-doc with BSHR, as well as to be mentored by the world-renowned biomechanist Dr. Benno Nigg. In a little over 2 years, I had the opportunity to work on four large scale industry projects. During that time I gained exposure to advanced analytics and pattern recognition techniques, which opened my eyes to new ways of looking at data and extracting unique insights. These skills have been invaluable in paving my career as a biomechanics research scientist with Whitespace, lululemon’s R&D Innovation team, and I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without the support and mentorship that I received while working at BSHR.”


Chris Lam – former post-doctoral research fellow (1 year), current Research Scientist specializing in sensory perception at lululemon.

“I was a post-doctoral fellow in BSHR and I learned a lot through the experiences, mentorship and collaborations during my time in the lab. Some notable experiences were the exposure and opportunity to work closely with footwear and apparel industry professionals, the mentoring on scientific writing and presentations, and learning novel advanced analytic processing techniques.”


Testimonials_0012_Layer 5.jpg

Lisa Stirling – former post-doctoral research fellow (3 years), current Software Engineering Team Leader at Garmin International.

“During my time in the Biomechanigg Research Group, I was given opportunities to grow both as a researcher and as a person. For example, I learned extensively about applying advanced signal processing techniques to analyze and interpret biomechanical and physiological data. I also received personal mentorship from Dr. Nigg, with a focus on building my confidence and ability to communicate clearly, particularly as a presenter. I feel strongly that the technical experience that I gained working in the group, and Dr. Nigg’s personal commitment to my development, have played a significant role in the successes that I’ve had since that time.”


Testimonials_0008_Layer 9.jpg

Matthieu Trudeau – former post-doctoral research fellow (2 years), current Senior Research Scientist for Brooks Running.

“My experience in Calgary was a true turning point in my career. It opened my eyes to new data analysis techniques (PCA, SVM) and provided invaluable experience working with industry partners. At the same time, it prepared me for an academic path through teaching, mentoring students, and grant/paper writing experience. In addition to the technical skillset I gained with Biomechanigg, I also learned how to create and give clear, impactful presentations. I learned that it’s not just about doing science, but the personal relationships you make along the way are the most important part of one’s career. Finally, I learned how to think critically and to consider innovative solutions to problems.”


Testimonials_0014_Layer 3.jpg

Jennifer Baltich – former PhD student and technician, current Product Assessment Manager for Brooks Running.

“The direct interaction with research in an industrial setting was priceless for my career development. My time in Calgary enabled me to strengthen my soft skills, including mentorship, communicating with a broad audiences, and improving my confidence while also understanding my strengths and weaknesses. Unlike other colleagues who joined industry directly from academia, I joined with an understanding for the workings, pace, and ideas in industry.”


Testimonials_0015_Layer 2.jpg

Hendrik Enders – former PhD student, current Senior Manager of the FUTURE Team at Adidas.

“An incredibly valuable part of my Calgary experience was the combination of independent management and ownership of a project while also being immersed in a highly-talented, forward thinking and collaborative team setting. In addition to the development of a comprehensive technical skillset, all team members were taught broader skills, such as project management, presentation skills and client management. I am absolutely convinced that my time with BSHR has significantly influenced my career, and has prepared me in the best possible ways for the task and challenges ahead. In addition to all the valuable learnings over the years, it has also been a lot of fun working with such a great team and I always look forward to catching up with former colleagues.”



Stefan Hoerzer – former PhD student, current Director of Adidas Athlete Services

“During my time at Biomechanigg, I had the chance to gain experience in both academic and industry-related research. This allowed me to develop skillsets that are needed to be successful in either of these research areas. Importantly, by being a part of a renowned research group, I also learned to only accept high quality work in each step of a research project, from study proposal to final report. The best part of my work experience, however, was that through being a member of BSHR, I had the fantastic opportunity to meet, work with, and learn from many world-class researchers, brilliant minds, and outstanding individuals.”


Testimonials_0011_Layer 6.jpg

Marc LeVangie – former Research Technician (2 years), current Biomechanical Researcher at CCM Hockey

“The best part of my experience at Biomechanigg was that I was able to be involved in multiple large-scale projects at once. In some cases, I was the primary researcher, while in other cases, I was able to work under a post-doctoral fellow and improve my skill set. Not only was this beneficial from a learning perspective, but it also gave me the opportunity to understand the type of projects and research areas that I enjoyed the most. The other major benefit of working at BSHR was that it put me in a position to meet with clients, build professional relationships, and present findings and insights to their team. These relationships eventually led to a fulltime position with my current employer.”


Testimonials_0010_Layer 7.jpg

Marita Mauracher – former research intern from the ETH Zurich (6 months), current Surgical Sales Consultant at Wright Medical

“During my internship I collected and analyzed data regarding force production of the tibialis anterior in healthy adults and individuals with multiple sclerosis. My time in Calgary taught me how to manage and organize my time appropriately, how to use different data collection equipment to assess muscle activation, and how to write and communicate effectively. The knowledge and experience I gained during this internship helped me tremendously, not only in completing my Master’s thesis, but also in building my professional development.”