Biomechanigg was founded in 1991 by the current Chief Science Officer: Dr. Benno M. Nigg. The CEO and owner of the company is Sandro Nigg. The rest of the team consists of an associate professor, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, technicians and visiting students. 

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Sandro Nigg
Owner and Chief Executive Officer

Sandro is responsible for the business development, operational and research activities at Biomechanigg. Sandro has over 20 years of experience in marketing, project management, client management, accounting, business development, as well as designing and executing qualitative and quantitative research projects. Sandro is the current event director for the upcoming International Society of Biomechanics Congress and the Footwear Biomechanics Symposium.

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Benno Nigg
Founder and Chief Science Officer

Dr. Nigg is the founder and chief science officer of Biomechanigg. He has a doctorate in natural sciences (Physics) from the ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Dr. Nigg also founded the Human Performance Laboratory. He is the author of more than 350 scientific publications and the recipient of many awards (e.g. Olympic Order, Alberta Science and Technology Award, Muybridge Medal of the ISB.) and elected member of three Scientific Academies.


Vinzenz von Tscharner

Dr. Vinzenz von Tscharner acts as a scientific consultant for Biomechanigg. He received his diploma in applied physics and mathematics 1974 and his PhD degree in biophysics at the University of Basel, Switzerland. His main field of research is the signal propagation controlling movement patterns of humans. This involves biophysical/biomedical measurements and the analysis of sensory systems.


Michael Asmussen
Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Dr. Asmussen completed his Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology and MSc in Kinesiology at Lakehead University. Mike then went on to McMaster University to complete his PhD in Kinesiology with a focus on the cortical control of upper arm and hand movements. His current research at Biomechanigg examines how individual muscles contribute to stabilizing joints, specifically the ankle, and how the central nervous system trades off between joint stability and energy expenditure.

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Jordyn Vienneau
Senior Research Technician

Jordyn has a BSc in Biomechanics and an MSc in Kinesiology with a focus on Biomechanics, both from the University of Calgary. Jordyn has been a technician for Biomechanigg since 2014, and is an expert at a wide variety of data collection techniques. She works on a variety of projects with industry clients, as well as provides assistance to other group members.

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Saša Čigoja
PhD Student, Kinesiology

Saša has a BSc in engineering from the UAS Technikum Vienna with expertise in Sports Engineering. His PhD focuses on understanding the effects of midsole bending stiffness of sport shoes on lower limb biomechanics. More specifically, Saša investigates the relationships between subject-specific characteristics and the optimal midsole bending stiffness, that results in the best athletic performance.

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Fabian Hoitz
PhD Student, Biomedical Engineering

Fabian has a BSc in Sports and Computer Science from the Technical University in Darmstadt, Germany, and an MSc in Sports Performance Analysis from the Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg, Germany. His main research interest is understanding principles of human locomotion through the application of machine learning techniques on biomechanical datasets. Within Biomechanigg, his current research focuses on ice hockey biomechanics, specifically on understanding biomechanical variables that differentiate between elite and novice skating techniques.

Anja-Verena Behling
PhD Student, Biomedical Engineering

Anja has a BSc in Kinesiology with focus on Coaching and Exercise Physiology from the German Sport University Cologne in Germany. She decided to specialize on Biomechanics and Neuroscience in her international MSc in Sport Performance Analysis in Sports at the Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg, Germany. Her main research interest for her PhD is investigating how the movement of the talocrural and talocalcaneal joints are affected by various footwear conditions during gait using novel technologies such as dual fluoroscopy. In addition to her PhD research area, Anja’s current research focuses on elaborating the understanding of the Muscle Tuning Paradigm.


Juliana Heinz-Cyr
Operations and Office Administration

Juliana has been with Biomechanigg for over two years, and obtained her B.A. at the University of Calgary. She is responsible for the operational and administrative activities of Biomechanigg. With many years of experience in project and resource management, together with an affinity for keeping things organized, she is able to provide support to the team in all areas.